Monday, March 08, 2010

Made It Myself Monday: The Capelette


Well, you are all so sweet and encouraging that I am now ready to pick up the Gauntlet and start Blogging with Reckless Abandon,
Here is the capelette and flower collar combination. No close-ups because, frankly, the capelette leaves me a little less than thrilled. But it is a cute little photo-op as well as a learning opportunity:
Cape linings are not so easy.

I did have a really creative weekend and have lots to share this week but I wanted to start it out with some capelette closure and a
 Great Big Thanks
for all your kindnesses and encouragement!!!



Heidi Ann said...

It's beautiful, Betty.

MissesStitches said...

Nice work!

Julie H said...

Very cute, love the modeling :)

Regina said...

A come back would be great! Looking forward to seeing what you've been cooking up.

Cute capelette too.

Jenifir said...

Great colour/textural balance in the capelet/collar combination. Cannot wait to see more of what you have created lately!

Sara said...

Very sweet capelet and your hairdo, too!

Anonymous said...

The capelet is fantastic - and the background in your photo is phenomenal! Still covered in bits of snow and dead plant-life here in Toronto (Ont., Canada) so all that green is turning me green :)
Dahlink, you make a fantastic model, too!

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