Friday, April 02, 2010

New Vintage Wardrobe Project# 25: Well, Hello Sailor!

( look gang, I made pants!)

Well here we are with New Vintage Wardrobe project # 25:
Modified McCall's 6323 sailor pants circa 1973
they have a back zipper, and it doesn't hurt to sit on it, after all

These needed some modification. the legs were voluminous rather beyond belief, 
so even though I made them is a sweet soft chambray, they just had to be cropped off.

lots of fun top-stitching practice.. nice n' neat

The waist had to be dropped as it (in true 70's style) 
seemed to come up to the bottom of my bra.
 They still aren't one of the most flattering garments I've ever sewn 
but they are my first fitted trouser, they are very comfortable,
have been rendered relatively stylish
and I think that is worth celebrating.

Just in case you need to see the pattern.. 
I'll post it up at flickr in all it's disco wonderland glory.


Wendy said...

Love these! I totally think they're flattering.

Sidereal Day said...

Great outfit, I love sailor pants!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pants- they're lovely and I'm jealous of your topstitching skills. One of my goals for this year is finally to get over my fear of pants!! (sewing them, not in general)

Shelley Noble said...

Cutest wittiest woman on the web. Hands down.

Rose said...

Just gotta snigger immaturely at "disco sailor pants" - I did live in NYC in the late 70's, after all. But you did a great job on them!

Another excellent shoot - I especially like the star in the hair touch.

Melony at Whimsy Daisy! said...

Oh, I've got to come back and read all this and look at your pics. I am totally intrigued!

Regina said...

they're great! (as tony the tiger would say). I guess these pants are giving me flash backs to late 70's commercials.

But, really, I love the pants. They do look very comfy. I like the modifications you made. Perfect for spring weather.

nancy said...

Love. love. love them! i'm such a sucker for sailor pants. i had a vintage pair of real wool ones from the army-navy when i was in high school. i wish i still had them.

Iñaki said...

Those pictures are awesome!


Sonya Philip said...

Those are some fancy pants! I love them and they do you all the favors and then some. I am in awe of your sewing prowess Bethany! ☀☀ said...

So sweet & creative! I love your pics!

xx Alex

Angelina said...

This may be one of my very favorite of your wardrobe projects so far! You are adorable in them!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

You are so talented and the pics are wonderful!!!

Sara said...

Great pants! I love that style. Well, done!

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