Friday, June 25, 2010

Fashion Friday: Can You Help Me?

All right all you vintage couture sewists... I want to make something like this:

Thanks to Dude Craft who sent me to Vintage Scans 
(Not all G rated.. BTW... but has the word strumpetry in the subtitle.. 
which I personally found kinda cute.)

Specifically the bottoms with the shirring. I'm pretty good at the elastic thread sewing, but would love to find someone who had a pattern they might be willing to trace for the rest of the shape. Even if it isn't a shirred pattern but just a similar or semi similar bottom... I will pay or trade, and love you forever.

Monday I'll have the DIY Couture giveaway all sorted.  I'm in the middle of something big and fun and secret this weekend...  And I want to have something "material" to show you using their methods for the Give Away post!


Meridith said...

I want one too!!!

Gwen said...

You want to use that shirring foot, don't you? Plus, you would look great in such a fetching number!

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