Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's Play Stylist

sexy librarian

sexy librarian by bitter betty featuring a wool coat

Okay, Polyvore? So fun and easy to use. 
I can play fantasy dress up/ amateur fashion editor all day long.
I don't want to break the hearts of the affliated shops/ designers, but there is no way in the world I'm going to actually buy
the clothes I put together on this page.. 
( I think the bag is $3000 or something...) 
But I fantasize that this is the sort of thing I would wear to go meet with my editors to go over the gorgeous proofs for
my brilliant book on making vintage fashion for the thoroughly modern woman.

In my dreams... those boots are as comfy as sneakers.

Yes, my fantasy life has a vast and fancy landscape.

Monochromatically Yours,



Rose@craftymcgee said...

Oh, geez. I went there. I am backing away v e r y slowly right now. I so don't need yet another site where I can waste away hours without even trying.

Love your ensemble, though!

MissesStitches said...

Keep on dreaming and exploring, Bethany! Don't give up. Ever. BTW, I dream of boots with the looks and comfort of yours!

Wende said...

hello: ADDICTIVE! :D I'm wishing that I could wear boots like that still. But alas, age and bad joints means Wende wears flats forever. :S

medical accident lawyer said...

that pair of boots are really cool

Angelina said...

I love your ensemble. Sexy librarian is a fave of mine too. And how has an editor not knocked down your door for that book yet? Have you done a proposal?

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