Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fashion Art: Seamstress for Hire

So, it has actually been a couple of weeks since the fashion show and due to personal drama and my sloth-like nature I haven't done the Blognanza of Bloggy Good Blogness that I promised! But here come the posts.

First of all I had my own piece of wearable art in the show which I will post on Friday...
But I also worked as the seamstress for another artist and had a fantastic time collaborating in that way.

It was a really fun and challenging process as Angelo Grova and I worked out the designs he envisioned...
in the materials he picked out.

Namely, industrial clear vinyl, landscape fabric, and tent nylon.

Sewing this stuff was a kick, as it made me use my brain every minute,  but also a physical challenge.
It was sticky. or sometimes stiff. It needed weird thread. It hated to fold... and if it did fold, it hated to unfold. You couldn't iron it.
Very unforgiving as far as seam ripping and resewing goes on the vinyl.
So the actual sewing was a metaphor for life.
Be Prepared. Be Sure. Be Bold. Move Forward!

It was my first time working with fitting models and they were funny, delightful, and so sweetly accommodating.

It was really empowering and exciting to help someone facilitate their artistic vision. I hope I get a chance to do it again.


iamerica said...

I can read the smile on your face- this is such a proud accomplishment!

Malinda said...

Great work! I love using non-traditional materials.

Pat said...

Wonderful post. You let us have all the flavor of doing something completely out of the ordinary. What daring do!

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