Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finish # 18: Nellie The Elephant

This is another original felt animal pattern.
Designed By Me!!

Nellie the Elephant Jumped the Fence and said Goodbye to the Circus
Off she went with a rumpity -rump -rump -rump -rump.

Designed to do on the vintage drum ornament thrifted a year ago last November.
This pattern was just a sketch since December 2009 but I finished it yesterday.
The detail oriented amongst you may have notice I skipped Finish #17.
Okay, I bet no one would notice but just in case...

I will be posting it before the 31 days of Fun A Day/ Finish A Day are over.
I am having a blast with this but I have to admit, 
I am itching to jump on a bigger project or two.

A garment perhaps.

but This is pretty darn good for now.
Finish A Day!


MissesStitches said...

Good job with all your finishes! I admire you.

Rose@craftymcgee said...

Super sweet! I love it. Good on ya!

K2 said...

That elephant is soooo cute. Well done.

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