Thursday, January 27, 2011

okay... A list of catch up and #27

Let's see:

Finish Line List is as follows: 

23: paperwork stuff... covered in the last post
24: Finished all the winter pruning the garden. No photo... looks like heck. You can see my celebratory hoolahoop self portrait here.
25: Finished a major photo shoot in a great big field and did my first clone photo using and learning my new Photoshop 5. That was the utili-obi picture from my last post...perhaps you recall?
26: Made several zippered pouches. But I have not staged a decent photo shoot for them. They are cute but not earth shattering.
However, I will photograph them. 
Soon eventually. 
I want a Whole Month of Done mosaic to hang on my wall.
My final finish for the 31st!?

Which brings me to today.. I mean What Have I Done TODAY?

Aesop's Fables cushions.
tortise and hare 
the stork and the jug.
For Etsy? or???

 Finished and photopraphed and I'm happy about that.
So G' Night.

1 comment:

Meridith said...

Is it repetitive to say I want these too?

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