Tuesday, January 04, 2011

On a Roll ??? #3... On The Blog!

A studio "Before" shot...


And then with the new finished shelf draping!!!

3 days and 3 finishes...

And I barely eeeeeked one out today.
I began to see how challenging this Fun A Day might be.
Some finishes might be a bit smaller than others.
(If I clean my plate at dinner, can that count?)

I mean it occurs to me as I look at these pics,
a little steaming wouldn't have hurt the final look of these...
Does that mean they weren't really done?

No! They Must be done.
Tah Dah Done.
I am going to do this.
I better go rest up.


Shelley Noble said...

Go ahead, Big Bad Betty! Done is done!

The best thing is that each t'dun is off your energy drain list forever!

Sidereal Day said...

Wow, seriously industrious!
The one a day thing sounds fun, but with an interrupting active 6 year old I'm going for one every 3rd or 4th day.
Good Job, keep going!

KC said...

You are so inspiring I have to rest after just reading about this project! I found your blog only recently and I love your quirky taste and energy.

iamerica said...

Not to be cliche- but "You Go Girl"!!! Love that fabric btw- my home is clad with it ; )

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