Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up and a few more finishes

Wow. Okay, so I had the new exhibit open at the gallery on Friday and that was fun, fantastic.

The next night was a big surprise party for a good friend of good friends.

Yes. He's dancing in front of his cake.

And then Sunday was yet another party. A fairly big one, that I kinda co hosted. And I was kinda wiped out, so No Pics.
3 parties. 3 days.
I swear to God, I am not that social.

So what did that do to Finish A Day?
... well the finishes did get a little compromised.
 Especially on Sunday.

Friday, I finished a part of another challenge which is to complete Carla Sondheim's Drawing Lab ...
One exercise per week. There are 52, so it makes sense that way.

The first one (Friday) was to draw 30 cats while you are in bed. I was tired, so: PERFECT.
Are there pictures?....Wellllll, maybe later.

Saturday I repainted an thrift owl plaque that had been hanging out primed and ready since May.
Originally it was all the "avocado and harvest gold with dry brush metallic accents" you could stand.

I thought Faux Wedgewood would be cool. So: Viola.

 I don't expect the Metropolitan Museum of Art to come knocking but.. it's done.

Sunday I only managed to get my 365 photo projects done.
 I'm working on 2011 being the year I finally complete:
365 self portraits

and 365 photos.
9/365- fun-a-day finish
Well, I also finished making a gallon of fresh lime margaritas and those were finished too
(not by me alone, mind you...)
but I didn't finish any lingering crafty projects.
But Finish is Finish.

So that brings us to today,
where I:
meal planned and shopped for the week. FINISH.
Took the 365 pics. FINISH.
Finalized the show for next month. Kinda finish-y. More of a start.

And Right Now am going to go finish another little craft project that has been on my table for 20 days, to photograph tomorrow, to try and wrestle this thing back to it's intent.


Kristin L said...

That's a lot of finishes for a party weekend! You're finishes are infectious too --I finished a project too. A purple Hello Kitty skort for my daughter that's been sitting around for too long.

laura capello said...

yay for finishing things! i should get on the bandwagon instead of the "let's begin another project" bandwagon.

MissesStitches said...

Good for you, Bethany! You are inspiring... Keep up the good work.

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