Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Trick of the Light

First, a big thanks to everyone who was able or even considered checking out Craft Lab..
My Step-Dad (Best One in the Universe, BTW..), said I could be on the Today Show and everyone else's compliments were equally as head swelling. I appreciate them all so much. Just to be fair though, when I was taping it I was picturing all of you naked so I wouldn't be too nervous.

Lauren gets the Pom Pom Sheep and thanks for checking out the blog, lady.

Here is a recent addition to "the etsy shoppe".. I took the photos between cloud bursts on my deck yesterday. I like the way these look.

I don't generally take great pictures. I was never much of a shutterbug and now I am finally taking the time to understand more about it.. Out of 100 pictures I generally only get a couple worth keeping. Thank god this isn't in the days where you had to pay for film and developing!

The obi has been a fun thing to have at my last 3 events. People have really taken to them. I made my first one last winter and since then Bitter Betty Industries have put about 30 of these little babies out on the open road. Not bad at all.

I added an accessories shop with that goodie and this little number:

The ultimate thing to wear when you are zipping around town on your vespa picking up those last minute gifts. Perfect for crisp white shirt, black cigarette pants, black flats and a red wool jacket.

I am still working on getting the rest of my gear in the shop but I can only upload for so long before I need to go download.
And I have these 7 swap ornaments and holiday commissions that need to get off the to-do list. I am off to get my craft on.


Angelina said...

I really like the neck accessory. I have a Vespa and I'm thinking I need to get more stylish on it.

Stacie said...

really great photos, and I love the lush greenery of the yard! pretty pretty pretty!!

Anonymous said...

loving the obi! I wonder if it would look good on a snow-man shaped girl? LOL! :)

The photos are great. I feel you ain with taking 100000 shots just to get a handful of good ones...it was so easy in the spring and summer...but the light around here has TOTALLY changed, making good shots ever so elusive!

And i LOVE your dressform, BTW! :)

FRIZZ said...

I love the photos too. Great light.
You're going to be on TV?? WOW!!

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