Friday, February 22, 2008

I Have a Posse!!

The Posse after a couple Margaritas

Well, all you, self depreciating "not cool enough for Betty" folks... You are all my official BBI- BFF Posse, (including Michelle, and if she wants to bring Heather Ross over for Margaritas.. I say, "come on down". She does seem so very cool.) I was so totally amused and cheered by your comments and all your links and near links to celebrity.

Which Brings me to "The You Make my Day Award" which I so was pleased to receive from
Drewzel. Man, she is a talented thrifter and crafter and glorious in her wealth of good embroidery skills. (Dear god... she has like 3 blogs and I can't keep up with one.) It really did make my day. These fantastic Australian Ladies... They all blow my mind.
( and I was tagged by Futuregirl too... but by now I expect the whole world knows that the respect there is super mutual. We got a thing goin' on.)

Yesterday, these were the people that made my day:

Alice and Stef and Angelina feel like craft sisters to me.

Sonya is a partner in crime, plus she taught me to needlefelt.

has her own fabric store and holds an incriminating picture (or two) of me.

Maddie has been a fantastically funny new friend. And she has a cat like mine and she sleeps with the toy I sent him. Devoted!

Mary- Laure takes gorgeous photos and saves her pastry boxes.
(and I swear it is like a life goal to have a friend who lives in Paris and is a dancer.. and she is as sweet as can be. because she eats pastry. even though she's a dancer.)

Ambika makes me want to try harder to pay attention to my outfits.

Susan make me want to take a photography class and redecorate. Plus, I have her earrings on right now.

Wende makes me want to be a better mom.

Amy has a quality of elegance that is simple and unpretentious.

Dorie reminds me that it is quality that counts and detail matters.

Pam has a way with color and people, she is charm itself.

Moonstitches shows art in the everyday. Composed photos that reinvent their subjects. And crafty too.

Minnie is a Brand New Friend . Coooool! Relatively local and a spats pattern? She's in.

Catherine is a Treasure Hunter Extrodinaire and designs good handbag.

You can forward the award, if you are into it. I found it hard until yesterday.. and then suddenly it was easy.

Oh and BFF dream candidate, Bre Pettis?
He * hearted* my Etsy Shop. I am in Craft Geek Heaven.

I am going to make a video podcast to celebrate this momentous occasion.


PamKittyMorning said...

Hey I'm thrilled to be in such a prestigious posse!

Amy said...

i am so excited to be part of your posse. this raises my cool level up several notches.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so... I'm resisting the urge to pull a Sally Fields here. :D Thanks for the love. (that might be the nicest thing anyone has said about me. . . certainly in print anyhow.)

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Good Lord!.. I now have a total excuse for owning leather chaps and a whip :)

Maddie,a very naughty Domestic Anarchist and crafter

Mary-Laure said...

Aaaaaw, Betty you're so sweet you don't even sound bitter at all! I just spent a couple of days in bed with a Bad Bug and am still very weak but to turn on my little ibook and find this post! How wonderful!!!

sulu-design said...

So when can we come over for drinks?

futuregirl said...

You definitely feel like a craft sister to me, too.

Angelina said...

I don't know how I made your day but I'm so happy to be in your posse!!

But dude, you ARE the cool people.

How could you not know that?

Anonymous said...

oh! tickle me pink baby! :)

why is it the cool people never know they are the cool people? it must be part of their coolness, not to notice it.

like angelina says BB, " ARE the cool people."


Anonymous said...

But, but...I don't even have any made-from-vintage-patterns duds?! I'm working on it though, promise.

Anonymous said...

baby, i will be in your posse anyday.

Drewzel said...

I meant to say this earlier, but thanks so much for the super-kind words! Can I be in your posse? I'm not sure if I'm one of the cool kids, but hell, if Beck Hansen is in there too, I'm all for it!!!

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