Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thrift Thursday: The Frame Game

Well, I am beginning to see how it works with me.
If One Is Good, Then 3 Must Be Better.

frame tack board covered with upholstery fabric
and filled with acetate pages from a anatomy book in bulldog clips

Can't pass up a nice frame anymore. I fill them with pinboards, so I can have a great casually ever-changing art display. Frames without glass come cheap, Homosote board (noise dampening fiber board) bigger than your car is 10.00 and batting and fabric tend to be spilling out of the craft cave.

board covered with vintage pillowcase, usually filled with the pattern I am sewing up.

It takes about 25 minutes and a box knife, straight edge and a staple gun to make these.

You've seen this... but I did thrift up some new brooches since it's last appearance.
(Oooh.. these are a bit blurry. soorrry.)

Grab those frames! Make yourself a gallery of delights. Just buy every little print you see on etsy and change them out weekly.

I'd get

This One,

This One,

and This One ...

Just for starters.

And A Huge Hurray and Thanks to GeekCraft who featured the robot doll I made for my nephew, way back when, and to Craftzine who picked it up...
super-groovy. I'm all a twitter!

Oh- PS:
Hey... Anybody else going to the Maker Faire this Weekend?
I never miss it. My kid would kill me.
Email me if you wanna meet up.
I'm going Saturday for sure and we'll see what Sunday brings.


kristin said...

oh, MAN!! i've been such an Etsy whore lately...and now you go and show me more.

as for the pinboard frames...i'm going to have to do that...thanks for sharing.

RachelMM said...

What an amazing idea! I'm definitely going to try that. Love it.

Anonymous said...

I think I might have a frame whose glass broke years ago. I'd love to try to replicate this, especially given my overflowing jewelry collection. (And my growing list of coveted prints on Etsy.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, they look really cool!

Luxe. said...

Oh I love these especially the one with the red pattern.

mimi k said...

Love the frames- great idea!

Natasha said...

Pin boards with beautiful fabric in rockin frames...holy are genius..I love that.

Anonymous said...

i'll be at maker faire saturday and I think all my friends that are going are selling. maybe I will see you there?

julie (jane's apron) said...

One of my last living room projects is to "fix up" the big blank wall above the buffet...I'm going to try your frame all of yours.

Rose said...

OMG! That is such a great idea!! I am dismayed that I never thought of it. I actually have a bunch of empty frames in my basement, too. Gotta get to work - thanks!!

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