Thursday, October 01, 2009

Thrift Thursday: Storybookland

Well... Here we are in October. That means the Birthday Season has officially Begun. I am going to the city Today with Julia from Mariquita Farms to deliver fresh organic veggies to hungry foodies and then out to eat. Hurray. I am very excited. I like food and people and good physical labor. A fun adventure to be sure.

I decided there will be an over arching yet lax theme for the BBI for the month of October. That is Storybookland. My little light yellow red ridinghood ceramic bell is my thrifty storybook example for day one. I love storybooks. I love all books. Right now I am reading 4.

Here is a quick craft I did a few weeks ago. I dried my late summer hydrangeas and then stuck them to a straw wreath form with T pins. The wreath and the tpins? Thrift Store. Thrifty Homegrown Fast Craft...You gotta love it. Total spent 1.50.

I also need to clean out those closets and get ready for the rain. I'm even uploading a picture of every single vintage pattern I own to flickr to make myself a reference and get ready to send some away.
But now I gotta run.. The veggies need me.

That's how we roll here at Chez Betty: We bite off more than we can chew.

Let's Hear it For October!


Shelley Noble said...

That $1.50 wreath takes us all to school on how true style flows through whatever one has to work with. That really looks like a wreath should imo.

Maria Stahl said...

Thank you for uploading your patterns to Flickr. That's a great resource.

wv: what kinda crap word verification is "fable"??

Yarni Gras! said...

love love those hydrangeas!

Kelly said...

Question - how did you dry your hydrangeas? I tried this year and epically failed. Yours look so nice!

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Hey Kelly, Sorry for the delay.. Busy on Halloween costumes! The main trick to drying hydrageas is to wait until they have changed color on the bush, and the little teeny dot in the center of each blossom has also opened up. The longer they stay on the bush the easier they are to dry. Then I put them in a vase with just an inch or two of water and put them in a dark cool room and wait 10 day to a week. When The rustle they're ready.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the instructions! I'll definitely have to try that next year. I really appreciate it, and look forward to some beautiful arrangements about 11 months from now.

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