Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday Revisited: The Lace Crowns

magenta crown

blue crown

green crown

red crown

I got a lovely email from Jennie Alvernaz of The Rose of Athens Theater Company, who was excited to share these amazing crowns she made using my Lace Crown Tutorial from about a year ago.
She did an amazing job adding jewels and making the bases more durable with a ribbon or fabric ring adhered to the lace.

Fen is going to use the tutorial to make crowns for herself and her flowergirls for her wedding. I sure hope she send pictures too.  She had a question about whether a liquid leaf will work as well as the powered leaf I used.

I think that it will. It is basically the same thing that you make by adding the powdered leaf to the medium ( Glossy ModPodge, in my case). But my best advise is to use a scrap of lace to test it out.
All Laces are not going to react exactly the same so a short scrap of the lace you intend to use for your finished project is probably your safest bet.

Congratulation Fen!

And I really appreciate hearing from anyone who has enjoyed a tutorial or even anyone who has tips I should pass along. Thanks to all you Bloglandeers for your encouragement. I'm looking forward to hanging out here more often.


Lisa said...

THANKS FOR MENTIONING US! EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS - wish you could see the production, you would love it.
Let us know if you want to receive updates about LWW, and the costumes and we can add you to our contact list otherwise...see you at the theater!
Lisa Cesnik Ferguson

Sara said...

Soooo pretty. I got linked back to your site from somewhere else about the crown tutorial (can't remember where). I have a feeling I'll be making these someday, can't resist!

Anonymous said...

the new lace crowns are just wonderful, I especially love the bottom red one!

Jenifir said...

I love the crowns. I wish I could wear one every day (or maybe just a tiara). Do you think that a coat of spray varnish would improve durability? I always seem to have the things that I Modge-podge get a little sticky.

las sandalias de ana said...

ohhh, lovely!!! ;)

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