Friday, November 06, 2009

Fashion Friday: Buy Me Indy Gifts...

Personal Advent: Day 6

click on the pictures to go right to these shops.

 Okay, it is more blessed to give than receive...Especially if you are receiving mass produced goods from China because your loving family isn't as crafty as you are (Not talking about anyone in my family...of course.).

So, sometimes taking a few minutes to decide what you'd like to get can be practically altruistic. I mean, it will save the loved ones stress, better for our fabulous craft community, and 90% of the time these come with Far Less Packaging. So Go On.. Update your Etsy Favorites, email them to "Those Who Need Hints". They will be grateful and in one more small way,

You'll be a better person.

1 comment:

FRIZZ said...

love the fox cuff!

...and the witch you made was fantastic!!

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