Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bazaar Bizarre..hurray

I can't believe it.
I have made it through Bazaar Bizarre.
I had a great time and met so many great people.
I will write a ton more.. But tonight I am pooped!!!!

Thanks to the organizers
(Leah from Craftster especially)
and to my sister (in the pic..booth babe)
and family (sorry about the mess) ,
Michelle from GreenKitchen (for
loaning me an EZ up and being my craft ear)
Kelly from Buzzville for making a point to stop by and say howdy...

I will also add the killer, sweet, funny, cool other crafters I met..and even was lucky enough to trade with
when I blog on tomorrow.

But I must end with this:
Thanks so much if you bought any craft from me.
I am so very grateful and I hope you are happy to have something I made.

phew.. Now I am going to beer and soon to bed.

1 comment:

laura capello said...

Oh my goodness, your booth was adorable!

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