Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Spring

I have been an absent blogger..
I didn't mean to be. I have just been gearing up for the craft fair and on top of that we took a quick trip to the mountains for
my son's first ski trip, for his spring break ( he did great! and loved it)... we got home last night at bedtime.. then...
We went to my sister's house today ..all day ( I will have some super cute pics to put up in the next few days of my funny niece and nephew.) Tomorrow I will go to a birthday party..The only request was for, I need to frost cupcakes.
Also there is the whole "bunny visit thing".
My house has been hit by a craft tsunami. We are overrun. The idea of hiding the traditional hard boiled eggs in this disaster area is nauseating.
We literally might not be able to find them.
They might "go off".
There is a cause for concern.

so peep peep..
I will lose sleep.

tonight: a little cleaning..little hiding.. little frosting.. and tomorrow: lots more spring time fun.


laura capello said...

It took me a few hours to realize that the egg opened up and there was a partying chick inside.

Love the basket! Thanks again.

yarnpunk said...

Your eggs rock! Love the party chicks. Wish I could make it to Bazaar Bizarre. Love to see your stuff in person.

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