Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Well.. first I went and bought some cool and silly stuff from a thrift store (or two) and a yardsale.
Got scotty dog and "Great Wall" handkerchiefs, a cool Brownie camera in damaged original box, some yarn, and...
I got a few aprons... Never can have too many of these. I am thinking of wearing one out soon.. Not just for collecting but a radical fashion trend on the upswing.. Two of these pups are actually sheer. Tell me what purpose could they possibly serve other than underscoring the wearers domestic and servile status? Oh, and that they would possibly look fetching with 3.5 inch pumps and nothing else but lipstick.

On to a much tamer subject...
Kool Kid's BooKs with a Kapital K!!.....
I won't be cutting up the 1907 Illustrated Shakespeare Stories, with the crazy color illustration of a mustachioed Romeo, who looks a bit closer to 30 than 16..
But the Chinese language textbook? and the super duper "Science for Here and Now"?
Even a "First Book Of Swimming"?
(Little Jimmy read it, jumped in the deep end and just started doing laps like a gold medalist!)
These are destined for all kinds of collage-y goodness.

I had to get going with a robot decoupaged box. Little bit of Renaissance mechanical drawing, tin toy robot photo,and kid illustration. The hardware is, well, hardware. A refreshing blast of the fast craft.
I am working on a Amy Butler Messenger bag, so it was nice to do a weekend "start to finish" project to tide me over..
Especially since I am trying not to live in piles of craft mess anymore.

3 days until my Soldered Jewery Class at Castles in the Air with Ulla. 13 days until my Fairy Tale ATC swap needs to be done..
Craft deadlines.. Gotta love em.


laura capello said...

Ack! Where's the picture of the messanger bag?

Love the robot box. I'm starting to think I like robots more than the boys do. Hmmmm...

I'm also rather jealous of your brownie camera. I've always wanted one. I keep scoring the thrift stores for cameras and portable typewriters, but no luck (yet).

Anonymous said...

If you start wearing aprons out in public, then I will happily join you. I sniff a new fashion statement here!

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