Wednesday, June 28, 2006


More of my decoupaged boxes with big dreams that they will be put on Etsy this Friday.
Etsy isn't hard to use, but boy, do I have a hard time making a few minutes available for the resizing and the posting and the composing of the (hopefully) clever and enticing descriptions, etc.
Perhaps a skilled and insightful therapist would tell me I am using avoidance because I fear success, or failure, or something.
I don't think it is all that mysterious.
I just have a very low tolerance for technical frustration.
I have abandoned Ebay entirely, for this very reason.
I lost more of my life trying to get my hands on other peoples refuse than I care to admit..
and I found myself far too eager to give a home to stuff that wasn't even worth the time,
let alone the shipping charges!
I got off my butt and went to thrift stores and have not looked back, except in triumph.
I'm actually able to see what stuff looks like, it's cheap. And no hidden shipping charges.

Pfft to Ebay!
Stealer of craft time..
Partner of the the PayPal. (And Pal, you just Pay and Pay.)

Right now I find myself locked in a virtual retail conudrum with a couple other ether vendors..
Am I waiting for a shipment? Are they going to ever actually process my order? I can see it in the order history but nothing is charged and nothing is shipped..
Did it actually go through?
How can I know, until I don't get what I need when I need it?
Then do I have time to find it in actual reality?
How did the pioneers get obscure craft materials?

I need to saddle up the pony and head east for microscope slides and some scalloped pinking shears..
Maybe I can find a real live store if I Google it ?


ruby-crowned kinglette said...

i would be interested if you are going to find the shears and the slides at the same store... and intrigued as to what the slides will be for.

laura capello said...

love the boxes.

interesting how much our lives have changed over the past 10 years and our relationship with computers.

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