Friday, June 30, 2006

Down the Rabbit Hole

This is another tip of the hat to the last day of "Finish what you have" month..
I started this before Easter this year, and finished it this morning.
I love finally finishing things and I love these german cardboard eggs.
I have some I painted like Humpty Dumpty for my sister's baby shower 5 years ago...
They sported felt jackets and silk ribbon ties.

I wanted a new Alice. I found this photo on Flickr Collage Images and painted and cut it out, along with some other goodies I had at my finger tips..
or perhaps I should say I had them "underfoot" as I tend to be creative in a most exuberant and abundant way.. with piles and places swimming in what ever flotsam and jetsom has caught my magpie eye that day.

I found myself in awe of the space and obvious conviction of craft stash organization that was apparent in Stephanie's Ruby Crowned Kinglet WIP post.Not to make excuses ( but, yes... to make excuses...) I am making the most of a walk in closet...A not quite contained floor to ceiling stash.

And, I am a fickle and far flung crafter..

One day,I fall in love with fabrics and I see bags and pillows, skirts and shirts and aprons and dolls.

The nest day, I adore paper and paint.. boxes, pictures, post cards and tiny jewels that are pictures under glass.
Books and letters, gifts wrapped in papers, and all sealed in fancy envelopes or recorded in thick and warping journals.

Jewelry brings wishes on chains and semi-precious, old, loved jewels.. loose gems and tidy earrings. glittering necklaces, rescued old glass, bracelets charms and amulets.

Wood, concrete, wire and plants.. Inspiration is everywhere. Indoors and out.

Like Alice down the rabbit hole, I never know what I will find.
And never, never know when i will finally get it finished.



ruby-crowned kinglette said...

oh my god, we are just alike - i am finding this blogging world hard to take. just when i think i am set on a particular craft medium, i come across someones clever idea using something i never thought of... and then i am off trying to learn something new.... i am glad i am in such good company. and thanks for the little shout-out, however, i almost messed up all my cleaning efforts tonight...

Ali said...

Here's to fickle and far flung crafting.

I wanted to take an ironic photo of my 'work in progress' yesterday, but I couldn't get all the mess in one frame.

laura capello said...

Am I the only one that gets upset when I don't finish a project in a "timely" manner? It's a problem, really, my inablility to let go and relax.

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Oh.. I think many many people get upset by the lack of completion.. I have mild anxiety over it but, I try and celebrate my wins and let the little stuff slide.

Deadlines are my friend.. That is why I love Whipup's Whiplash so much. A deadlinne a week got a lot of fast finishes off that back burner.

Anonymous said...

Hey I can finaly comment here!!@! Glad you have been busy, this little lady is so sweet!

Marietta said...

that is such an amazing egg - why don;t i think of these things?
blogging is really adding to my craft-lisim - I just can't stop adding new crafting skills...never seem to finish..hmmm

Anonymous said...


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