Sunday, June 18, 2006

Getting back in the saddle

This photo goes out to the lovely and talented Laura Capello per her "Ack.. where is the bag?" comment. This is the messenger bag I made. Amy Butler pattern, but not her fabric, because I have a slight preference toward the unexpected. The button is from Craftster.. Because I love an skull craft reference.

I haven't blogged for a bit because I have been really busy actually making stuff .. and also with work, elementary school graduation, Father's Day, impending summer camp, succumbing to mild anxiety attacks about having time for all I want to do, dandelion warfare, birthday parties, clearance sales and occasional half hearted housekeeping.

I have to keep this a quick howdy because I need to finish an overdue swap package.. and for some reason, I ripped all the t-shirts out of my shirt drawer to "organize" them.. They were better organized before I pulled that stunt, because now they are a big pile on the floor instead of a big mess in the drawer.
If I put off either project it will increase the Monday Stress Quotient to "Borderline irritibility.." and that is no good for anyone.

Hopefully I will post more happy craftiness tomorrow.
And hopefully my shirts will be back inside the dresser.


laura capello said...

The bag is awesome! I love the fabric, and I really love the skull with siccors!

Glad you're posting again, I can certainly understand your silence though... you've been busy!

ruby-crowned kinglette said...

good to see you back.... i totally understand the feeling of anxiety, and the inexplicable drive to do something entirely unrealated to alleviating the stress, and possibly adding to it...the t shirt drawer, for example.

Marietta said...

love th ebag and button - i think emptying the closets is oone of the best stall tacics ever - though my husband doesn't :)

futuregirl said...

That fabric is really cool. It's a rad pattern in wonderful colors. The skull is a great touch, too. What craft project *can't* use a skull - or two?

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