Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bloggers Gone Wild.

Bloggers Gone Wild., originally uploaded by bitterbethany.

What could be better than being out o the town with some Buddies of Blog?
Sonya and Claire of Knit Sonya and Little Lovelies Handmade and their darling kiddles met me in The Mission District for some hard core thrift and tart adventure.

Bring on the Tartine Coconut Cream Love.. To be featured under the next New Vintage garment as padding. Worth every bite.. every calorie.

Next a photo op filled trip down Clarion Alley headed to Thrift Town..

This was so great to see all the murals. It reminded me how much I loved living in the big city and checking out all the street art.
Murals, stencils, painting done over the tops of advertisements.
Interesting discussions on this and also Street Craft on WhipUp lately.
And even though I am raised by mild mannered civil servants. I fall more on the anarchy side of this arguement especially when it comes to artistic statements for the disenfranchised. ( as opposed to scrawled obsenities and spraypaint territorial pissings et al.)
Not everybody gets to be in a gallery show... after all.

But Being Bloggish: we then went to Candystore..
where Some People do.

Oh we will do, what we do... Won't we?

Thanks Ladies for a Lovely Day out.

More Gratitude Tomorrow!


Sonya said...

Blog-obvious Bay-bee. I wonder when that is going to make it's way into the OED?

pixiegenne said...

oh - i'm jealous

jungle dream pagoda said...

I love that pagoda topped Elephant and what fun to meet up with your bloggy sistahs!

Amy said...

sounds like a fun day!

sulu-design said...

If only I were a state south, I would beg to be included in your trips! Looks like a bloggy good time.

Angelina said...

I have never been to Tartine, but I have their cookbook and love it. LOVE IT.

That looks like a fun day. I wish I could have come, as usual.

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