Monday, November 26, 2007

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Due to generalized Holiday Over Ambition we (myself and the lovely Green Kitchen) need to do a one day postponement of the Etsy Shop Launch/Relaunch project to commence on Tuesday at 12:00 noon pst tomorrow..

There will be Birds! Utili-Obis! Jewelry! Handbags! Hurray!
And Michelle will have the most beautiful kanzashi brooches and hair ornaments!

Pre-shoppping opportunities available on Flickr here. (Updating throughout the day today..newer photos at the end of the set.)

And if you order from me: little gift with every package ordered in the first 24 hours.

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Loudlife said...

Okay! I'll take this one and an owl! I can do them separately or together. Let me know what you would like and when you put them on Etsy. I'm happy you had some left!

I'd be interested in a swap, but I am woefully low on product right now. I have some jewelry pieces on Etsy and on eBay, but I've got some more to list waiting in the wings. I have a few altered art things listed, but I'm concentrating on family gifts right now. If my superpowers kick in (to steal a phrase from you), then I will get some more general stuff done.

Thanks for the permission to use the images, I will get them up in the next day and a half. And of course I am linking to you when I post them - also, I already put you in my link list. Your work is so adorable! I must share it with the world! :-D

Thanks for the compliment on my blog. I try to make it fun while still being personal.

Have a great day!

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