Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tutorial Tuesday: Make your Own Mid Century Daybed

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Here you go... Your own Mid Century Daybed/ Couch. Just a mattress and some elbow grease and you could DIY a whole couch. ( And I was proud of my little throw pillows!)

Let me know if I should start a flickr group for everyone who is going to make this one. I am telling you it makes me want a rumpus room, or a ranch house.

This Tutorial courtesy of The Mechanix Illustrated How- To-Do-It Encyclopedia Volume 6, 1961 edition.This encyclopedia is awesome. Of course there is no info on the slipcovers for the bolsters and mattress.. In the DIY world of yore, this info must be common sense... or maybe it is covered in Volume 13 , under "s" for slipcover. I only got two volumes this so I am out of luck, apparently
But at .50 each on "Thrifted Tuesday"... both are chock full of handy dandy goodness... I am sure there is a slip cover 'how to' I can punt with.

And I am so totally tickled to get the "Make My Day" award from Drewzel..
How cool do I feel? Pretty stinkin' cool. I will be pondering who to pass it along to...
So many blog crushes these days!!

Okay? Ready.. Set... go make a couch!


MildlyCrafty said...

That actually doesn't look too hard. If I had somewhere to put a daybed I'd seriously think about giving this a go. I'd love to see pics if anyone makes this. Thanks!

Stickyknitter said...

My Grandma actually had a coach just like this-- every Saturday I would spend the night and she would "open" the bed. (And she let me watch t.v. well into the wee morning hours-- I didn't have t.v. at home.)

Thank you for coming to the shop on Sat.--- I really LOVE my skirt!! I had to make myself put it away and not wear it for the 3rd day in a row!

Hope to see you soon.

Mary-Laure said...

Oh no no no! There's a reason why my mum (affectionately) calls me butter-hands. I could NEVER make that.
Also, where would I put it in my TINY Paris apartment?

Anonymous said...

Okay - this does sound a little crazy, but I've been contemplating making a platform bed frame for my craft room that would be tall enough to allow me to store my fabric bins under the bed. I might be able to follow some of their basic techniques for this day bed! Thanks for posting.

jungle dream pagoda said...

WORD !!!!!
The Eamse's have nothing on Bitter Betty!
In the words of tweens everywhere....AWESOME !!!!

Wendy said...

I've actually been thinking of making a day bed for our middle daughter's room redo.

I'll be sure to let you know if we actually manage to make this.

Thanks so much for the fun info.

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

SEE!.. if I had been making my own couch I might not gotten the FLU *ugh* ... how much nicer it would be to have a swanky seater instead of a 102.3 temperature!

Hey!.. in other matters I don't think my emails are getting to you.. got the cherries...ohhh talk about sweet! and the cat now has an unnatural thing going with a pink mouse, he even sleeps with it.. you must have put kitty crack in it.

maddie, back to bed

Rachel said...

Hey, I built this couch after I saw this on your site. Took me three months and $300. If you wanna see how it turned out, read my post on Offbeat Home: http://offbeathome.com/2012/03/building-a-couch#comments

Jeans Manufacturers said...

Waoo Nice, I will give a try to it :)

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