Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tutorial Tuesday: Tea Cart Yourself Over Here

This couple is Red Hot in their casual LeisureWear.
Is that a romper she's wearing?
Fashion Genius, the romper.
Not very flattering and impossible to pee.
I'll probably make one, one day.
Just 'cause.

This is another fun project from
Mechanix Illustrated How To Encyclopedia, 1961.

( just click on the photos to enlarge to legible!)

But seriously, this cart would be so cool if I had a little craft studio. So handy.
I'd paint it a glossy sky blue and
put all my cream colored thrifted planters
on there with craft supplies in them.
I just love stuff on casters, don't you?
Makes your whole house a little more like an amusement park.

Speaking of 'Like an Amusement Park'...
My mail box over flowed last week with lovely surprises.

I got a music swap package from charming Caitlin.
She spoiled me with great music,
and also a sweet little hankie,
and some cool cards wrapped in tons of everyone's favorite twine.
I put one in the mail back on Monday... sorry for the delay, partner!

And from my friend Lindy: Another vintage Sewing Manual!!!
Singer! 192? Super Cute! and she also made me a great card.
Lindy spoils me and helps me spread sewing Joy across the universe. She is the one who found Sally Stitch for us all.

If ya'll want another look at my loot... I will be posting more pics on Flicker in a bit here.


futuregirl said...

She's got a lot of freakin' punch on that cart. Maybe they are expecting guests? Well, they *do* look like swingers ... don't they? ;)

Drewzel said...

I luvs me a tea cart! I'd load mine up with cakes!

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