Friday, September 12, 2008

The Friday Finish Line (Saturday Edition)

I am back to my "School Week System" of making a list of what I managed to get done Friday to Friday.
What did I get done this week?

I canned tomatoes with my friend Meridith.
This is just batch number one. 17 Jars. 8 for me, 9 for her.

It is beyond addictive to set in stores for the winter.
It appeals to me on a
"wild frontierswoman/ Survivor of the Great Depression"
kind of level.

I sent StressBunny II: The Return of StressBunny
off to his new home in The British Isles.

I got my haircut. Only 12 weeks overdue.

Took Puppers to school.
He isn't the best puppy in class, but he's close.

Talked to the track coach about some nasty foul mouthed little creatures
who have NO Idea What Sportmanship Looks Like.

I made a new "pup with stuff" for a sweet friend

Finished His Dark Materials trilogy.

Bought "pricey" vintage toy kitchen. Photo Essay to follow.

Ordered more tomatoes to can.

Finished a crayon tinted vintage embroidery bit.

And went to watch track meet number one featuring "the reluctant runner: Jacob Mann".
He was not last.

Put off regular housekeeping chores with a level of procrastination that is difficult to explain,
let alone justify.

It was a pretty good week.


Anonymous said...

Please add this to your list... you boosted a fellow crafter's spirits with your uplifting email. You reminded me of the many reasons I do my "art" and helped me to successfully navigate the path that included selling my things and actually making money.
Thank you dear BB... Love, Lindy

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to know what you though of his Dark Materials!

Lauria said...

I loved His Dark Materials! Book one was definitely my favorite. I recently read "The Ruby in Smoke" which is the first of another trilogy of Philip Pullman, but it was not nearly as compelling.

That bunny is simply adorable!

And I love the embroidary. Too cute!

Boutique Girl Gifts said...

I love the little dutch girls embroidery!

Anonymous said...

yet more AMAZING inspiration. sounds like a *very* good week indeed.

can't wait to see the vintage kitchen photo shoot.

Linda Sue said...

GEEZ! Shame us all! I managed to sort of get out of bed everyday and fiddle around. Your stuff is GREAT! Especially the yummy looking tomatoes! Time to get out the jars, blackberries all over the place! Thanks for the inspiration! LOVE the little kitchen!WANT!

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on putting up preserves. i can't be stopped! More jalapeno jam tonight (we are drowning in jalapenos!)

My Little Family: said...

If you enjoyed canning tomatoes, you might also enjoy making cucumbers. That is my favorite thing to "put up" although I have not done it in many years. Vickie

Anonymous said...

Busy Betty!!!!

What did you think of His Dark Materials? I completely loved it!

xoxo said...

I am SO jealous of your canning! I keep saying I'll get to mine but... It might just be a tomato paste kind of year...

Teena Vallerine said...

those tomatoes look just yumptious! Now, after all that activity I need to sit down and have a cuppa! t.x

Anonymous said...

Such a busy person. I'm in love with the bunny.

Angelina said...

Wow, you got lots done! I love canning too. I agree that it kind of takes hold of one and is satisfying on a very basic level.

Love the bunny too!

Anonymous said...

so this isn't about just this post but this is about every single one you have

you are absolutely adorable

your entire page made me go awww

i love the cake you made for your son
how creative ^_^
and yummy

sorry i just had to express myself eheh

日月神教-向左使 said...
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