Monday, December 08, 2008

The Woodland Wreath with Tutorial

Here is a mossy woodland wreath that  is super easy to make.

It will require:

wreath form
sheet moss
floral wire
bitty plants (optional)
polymer clay mushrooms (to build you need polymer clay and wire)

1) Take a walk in the woods and gather sheets of moss from the bark of fallen trees. ( or go to a better nursery supply or even Home Depot and buy sheet moss in a bag)

2) If you did gather wild moss you will need to soak your sheet moss. The dust from moss can irritate some people so over your nose and mouth if you are sensitive to stuff like that. Then place the moss in a big tub or bucket, weight it down with a rock or brick and fill with water.
Let it sit for awhile, an hour should suffice.

3) Take your wreath form ( I used a wire wreath form because that is what I had at hand... I I think any form: straw, grapevine or whatever should work for this project) lay out some bigger sheets of moss and start wrapping the form.

4) Secure the wire to the form by wrapping one end tightly to a wire or branch on your form then apply the moss wrapping around and around as you go. Go slow and use plenty of wire.

5) Stick the roots and some dirt of any tiny plants you use under the moss as you wrap. 

6) As all the wreath is covered, cut the floral wire and tie off.

7) If you'd like, make some little mushrooms on wires ( I used un-bent paper clips on mine, sticking it in the stem before baking according to package instructions.) then after you hang you wreath, stick them in where they look cute. Mine burnt a little, but I thought it made them look more realistic.

Woodland Wreath: 100 percent from stash and found resources. 
Gnomes welcome here.

A couple of updates!

The Holiday Scoreboard:

I'm still feeling good about my day/project ratio.
The total number actually went up from the initial reckoning (from 15 to 21), so this feels like a a good, fun pace.

And also I have raised enough money in my Etsy shop to buy 5 flocks of chickens for needy families. Thanks to all the great shoppers! Hurray!

Coming up I have a great collection of quick useful gifts that you can hand make in minutes and all for under 5.00 each....

tune in tomorrow!

9 comments: said...

Your wreath is GORGEOUS, I love it! I'll be linking! I'm also enjoying your project countdown. It's so motivating!

kristin said...

so true to the christmas spirit! how lovely of you to buy chickens for needy families.

i do love your make it look so easy-and COZY. i'd like to be the little gnome to come visit.

Natalie said...

Your wreath is great! I love the mushrooms. I cannot seem to manage my projects and am feeling the stress. How do you do it? You are inspirational.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for sharing! This is awesome. I'm definitely sharing on my blog today =)

Anonymous said...

you're awesome as usual. too bad I don't have any moss handy here in AZ. well, I suppose if I looked hard enough. :)

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the wreath! Adorable. The mushrooms and tiny plants look so sweet on it, too. They really add a lot of interest to the wreath itself.

I wouldn't be surprised, if I were you, to find a little gnome sleeping comfortably under one of those mushrooms.

Sonya said...

That wreath with the little mushrooms is amazing. Hi there. We've been both been busy, huh? Speaking of mushrooms I have a mushroom-related swap in mind for the new year. You in?

Regina said...

Now who is the crafty genius! This wreath rocks!!

Dot said...

I love this :) it's so fresh... I see used dusty miller - i used it in a christmas centerpiece, and I love the look of it.

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