Friday, January 30, 2009

Fashion Friday: The Western Mermaid Shirt Goes To San Francisco!

Hi Gang..
Well, the crafty Mojo kicked in to high gear pretty much as soon as I posted (eek...) 2 weeks ago! and I have a lot of stuff to share... Must have been all those nice comments!
I appreciate you all so much.

Today, I start with Aquarium pictures and the second shirt of the Western Shirt Series:

The Mermaid shirt.

( click on photo to enlarge for detail)

This is the same pattern as before but I used Heather Ross's Mendocino collection for the main panels. I don't remember the other fabrics name, but I like how the dark fabric framed the Underwater Sisters pattern.

that is a lot of water!

the strangely cute spiny lumpfish

We took the pictures on a family field trip to the New Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park.
I had been there on a field trip I had just taken with Sonya and her lovely youngster (Want to see pics?) , and was excited to go back with my big kid. He really enjoyed it.

The building is wonderful and organic, with a living roof.

We are also working on a fun Photo Scavenger Hunt for Great Buildings in San Francisco.
We got a deck of cards and we are trying to get a photo of Jacob with each building.

This is the Phelps House.
This is going to be a really fun project.


Anonymous said...

i can't wait to go to the new aquarium i haven't been since i was in grade school and when i saw that they remodeled it and everything I was sooo excited
we'll be heading up that way soon enough ^_^
and thats such a cool project
i've been missing your posts darling betty
much love

Des said...

That shirt makes me want to line dance while snorkeling. I.Love.It.

Anonymous said...

hahaah thank you for the comment
look in a second cause i'm gonna upload my new little mousie that i made last night

TexNan said...

Nice work, nice pics. I'm a first-time commenter who's glad to see you back.


Laura Jane said...

Great anemeone pic

And the deck of cards and architecture project is a fantastic idea!

Mary-Laure said...

Eerie aquarium... Is it as good as the FABULOUS one in Boston?

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Love that shirt, such fab fabric. You make me want to crack out the sewing machine. (almost!)

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Oh.. I love that shirt.. I SOOO wish I looked good in that style of shirt.. alas i look like a wanna-be Dolly Parton look alike when I wear them. On you it looks cute and trendy!

Maddie,posting from the hospital were I am watching over my MIL

Sonya said...

OK, how cool are you? You sooo, sooooo cool. I thought that anemone was the fringe of the shirt. Crazy me. And a building scavenger hunt, I've bookmarked that link. I need to see more of this city. As always, an innovator and an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

what a perfect outing for an awesome shirt! isn't the academy of sciences amazing? did you see the magical ruffley sea horses? they were like something out of a fantastical fairytale...

Jennifer said...

Aside from being, weirdly, continually flummoxed by the whole right-to-left thing (HOW can the first step be the completed thing!?!), I feel that perhaps I am being punished for not being a very good follower of directions in the first place with my curious obsession with Japanese craft....

Bridget said...

Ooo - I saw that squidly fabric, and was delighted by it - and I must say, I love how it looks as a western shirt! Rockin'! Or, squidin', as the case may be.

goosefairy said...

You are so clever! I would never think of doing a western shirt with unusual fabric. I wish I had your mind ;)

mimi k said...

I am doing a project with that fabric too! I love it. It must be fun to be a fabric designer and see the range of what everyone does with your creation.

Anonymous said...

love the project. how are the polaroid pictures coming along?

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