Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Yep it's Countdown day today. That is to say, if you sign a check today, you write the date and the numbers will be 3-2-10.

It is also the month that will start my 4th year of blogging. 4 years!

I have been kind of agonizing over the blog lately. Like thinking "Is this a power for good or bad in my life."? "Does it feed my very soul to connect with other people who like to use their hands to speak their minds or does it just create chaos and conflict over my personal creating, as in: am I doing it for me or for the blog?"
I haven't shared 3 of the last New Vintage dresses I've sewn, and I am not sure why.
I made the capelette for the felt flower collar... But I haven't done the photo shoot.
I want to. But there are always reasons. Other paths that need taking.

so... what is today looking like?

I seem to be getting in my own way when it comes to sharing and I don't really understand myself.

This year I decided that I wanted to put more Art in my Arts and Crafts, so I have been doing that.
But I have yet to post about it. Shy? Not usually. More  like Lofty Aspirations that can be a bit crippling because you might not acheive the desired effect.
Still, it feels like a good decision and I think I want to write about it but, I hope I don't run people off in droves with my narcissism. "OOOOh, do let me tell you about My Art!"

Everyday is a decision on a direction.
Today it feels like commit or quit.
But it doesn't have to be that way...
This pressure is all in my head.

Does this ever happen to you?

PS: I think I'm excited to see Alice In Wonderland. Anyone else?


Wendy said...

"Do let me tell you about My Art!" ... I think that would be a great tagline for any blog.

Also, yes, I agree with everything you say. The word 'craft' always makes me think of toilet paper cozies, but I try to remember that it's also the basis of craftsman. The category I use on my blog is "Crafts and Art" to keep people from imaging too many craft sticks.

We're so excited that we're planning to dress up to go see Alice in Wonderland. We've still got the costumes from my daughter's birthday party.


You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Wendy's Alice post?... In a Word AWESOME!

Thanks Wendy..!!!

Lettie B. said...

I have a small sewing/project blog and with very few readers I even feel "the pressure" sometimes (and incidentally just wrote about it yesterday).
I love for people to just be them. Just show me what you like to make. It might inspire me or it might not - but that's not important. So, show us the other things you make. I'm sure we'd all love to just see what you can do!

Heidi Ann said...

Yes, I'm very excited about Alice In Wonderland.
And I just want to say that I miss your more frequent posting, and I really miss seeing what you have made. I don't sew or knit or crochet or do any other type of crafty thing very often at all, but I am endlessly fascinated by all of the creative minds and hands out there in the Wonderful Land Of Blog. I've never felt that you were showing off or begging for praise, or anything at all like that.
And if I ever do get that "vibe" from other bloggers I read, well then I simply do not comment. Looking (hopefully) forward to seeing some MORE from you, Bethany!

Kristin L said...

Pressure in my head? Absolutely! I am right there with you. Some things I don't share because I have grand plans for them (none of which have ever panned out of course), and some things I share even though they are painfully dull. In between is the lovely middle ground where we all inspire each other. I've tried recently to blog only when I feel compelled to,and found that I blog a lot less than I used to. Wonder what that means...

Anonymous said...

Looks like we are in similar places - pressure in our head. Just do something, no matter how small. =) We do not have TV so I am looking forward to being able to watch Alice online. Woo hoo!

Sara said...

Please keep blogging, Betty. I like visiting this space. I like your arts and crafts and I love your sense of humor!

julie (jane's apron) said...

If I attempt to describe the process of making something I always feel like a dramatic tortured artist...which is not me at all (I'm just a girl making stuff at my kitchen table). Sewing or crafting (or art) doesn't need an explanation. My favorite blogs are the ones with a simple look-what-I-made attitude...like yours.

KeLLy aNN said...

Today is my son Blu's birthday as well as Dr Seuss, a childhood inspiration. I think it may be the newness of the year, I tend to feel that way the first few months after the holidays. I want the time to my self to try new things, and no pressure after the pressure of the holidays. Then by the time holidays roll around, you;re excited about your progress and in the mood to share, which is what the holidays are about.
and Yes, VERY excited about Alice!

Jennifer said...

Dean is as excited as I am to go and see Alice, which I always take as a Good Sign.

Yeah, blogging. What I forget sometimes is that it's not just about me going out there with 'stuff' and wondering about whether I should be sharing it or if it is Significant Enough or even what ever happened to the crafts and sewing and stuff that I thought was the whole point in the first place. What I've learned, and it really hit home recently, is that I'm now part of a community, and it is a community of friends, and those friends aren't judging me by the wittiness of my words or the beauty of my photos or the output of my art/craft. It happens that I don't have other means, really, to communicate with this particular group. And the circle of friends widens sometimes, and sometimes it gets a little smaller, but it's always there.

Just when I think I'm probably wasting too much of my time and everyone else's, I realize the power of it.

So my loving advice is just to keep going with what feels right and when it feels right. I love seeing what you're up to, I love the updates on your adventures and misadventures (nobody but nobody tells a story the way you do). I care about what you're thinking, how you're feeling, and what you've been working on. I don't know how I'd know it without your blog. I think sometimes in the past I may have been a little overwhelming to you, because I'm so often in awe (and you've been so clear and so humble and so gracious about pointing out the stuff that doesn't show, the ways in which you're a real, live human just like the rest of us).

OK -- I'm probably rambling now, but I hope you see the direction I'm teetering in. Stay. Share. Be. You'd miss it and we'd miss you, if you stopped.

Sidereal Day said...

I am sorry to see that you are "agonizing" over blogging. I do have to say though that it's a little comforting to know that even a veteran with a gorgeous successful blog second guesses herself sometimes.
I'm sure that if you decided to stop blogging you would be missed.

iamerica said...

Cheerleader time:

If you even remotely aren't motivated or don't feel like you are a better person from blogging, then don't do it! Buuuuuuuuttt. You should know that you give inspiration to soooo many people (myself included) and that you are amazing and inspirational no matter what you do!!!

Gooooooooooo Bitter Betty!

iamerica said...

Oh, and I CANNOT wait for Alice and Wonderland!

sulu-design said...

Do tell us about your art if you feel so inclined (I mean, it is YOUR blog), don't post the dresses if you don't feel like it, and don't do anything in this space out of a feeling of obligation. Isn't it crazy what feelings our own blogs can illicit from us? If it's not fun for you, or challenging you in a good way, or providing you with something else you personally find worthwhile, just don't do it. We will still like you. I swear,

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering what you've been up to. I love it that you're trying to put more art into your craft and curious to see what that means to you...but then I'm not exactly an unbiased bystander.

Sonya Philip said...

Does this ever happen you - YES! It did indeed. Commit or quit, know it only too well. It's hard, hard, hard.

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time commentor...sadly, I did quit on my blog, and while it was right at the time, I'm thinking about starting up again (just something about sharing and knowing I wasn't alone out there). It's a hard thing to mull over, but you need to make the decision for yourself - and trust you'll make the right one for you. Like many others (it seems), I admit I'll miss your inspiration and humour if you "go", though... :)

Unknown said...

from the first time i heard about this movie i have been anticipating seeing alice in wonderland. as for the pressure in my head i find martial arts and crafts eases that pain. ha!

Jenifir said...

Like many others I am missing your more frequent posts and I am dying to see more of your new vintage wardrobe. I would also be keen to see any other creative pursuits including the more arty side. Really blogging seems to me to be all about sharing creativity and inspiration. Your blog is one of a few that inspired me to start mine for which I thank-you because the feedback I have received has always been positive and encouraging; something we all need!
I have a giveaway to celebrate my blogs first year which I think has something to interest all!

Rose said...

YES! Happens to me frequently. "Quit" was the default for a long time, but now "Commit" has taken the upper hand. I feel much better about that.

I think I am the only person not itching to see "Alice". It has a heavy Charlie and the Chocolate Factory vibe, and I loathed that movie.

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