Monday, May 24, 2010

Made It Myself Monday: The Preppy Piped Semi-Blirt!

Okay, first things first:
Oh. My. Lord.
I thought a few folks might want a serious iron upgrade, but I truly had No Idea!

It's so fun to see my blogland friends in there with so many new Commenteers!
I do hope you newbies will keep visiting me and say hi whenever you have the time!
If you haven't entered yet there's still time!

Now... on to something craftier!

Well here is another example for a garment with piped seams a la the grande tutorial of yesterweek.
This was conceived as an Homage to the adorable Blirt (blouse'n skirt look but in a one piece dress) made by Dorie at Tumbling Blocks.

The empire waist kind of killed the blirt-y illusion, but dress is very pretty and comfortable. Made from linen blend from Sew Mama Sew and a rescued vintage curtain, it gave me a bit of a work out dealing with combining fabrics that have a disparite drape and weight. There were many seams that required multiple basting attempts to get the fall I wanted.

In this situation I am not sure if the piping trim is helping or hurting the structure of the dress.

And I need to find a better alteration for dolman sleeves and my slightly sloping shoulders, or are they supposed to do this? Double stick tape? I'm  open to suggestions.

I think I'm going to add little lingerie snaps in the shoulders to keep all my undergarments out of sight when I wear this one.

3/4 yard new linen: 10.00
rescued vintage drapery from thrift store: 3.00
homemade piping from thrifted bias tape and sting .50
3/4 yard lining fabric 3.50

Total dress cost:17.00

Not my cheapest but a pretty decent frock for the buck. My biggest regret was not doing a lapped zipper. It was just beyond my sewing courage level to combine the corded seams and the new lapped zipper skillz into one dress.

Maybe Mrs. Home Maker is right and looking stylish for less can be easy if you sew for yourself.


Ms.Cleaver said...

I love the back of the dress. I have no great suggestions for the sleeve fix though, as I have the slipperiest shoulders ever and haven't figured out how to work around them yet. :)

Anonymous said...

cute dress and you look VERY skinny in it!

Julia said...

Gorgeous dress!

dorie said...

nah-ah, you have a blirt! It's so blirty and cute. The somewhat high waist seems to be a common theme in blirts--I wonder why? At any rate, you're rocking it.

Stickyknitter said...

where's the rest of you? you look so thin! I love the blirt, very cute.......

Regina said...

You look fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

Really love the dress and the fabric is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

ee.spenner said...

Please, please, please tell me your inspiration for a curtain-blirt was Sound of Music. You look fantastic, as usual. Good work.

kerrykatiecakes2 said...

This dress turned out beautifully, Betty! The piping makes it very special and the price, well, that is certainly special too! lol You almost have me inspired to try sewing clothing myself.
Now, if that is you modeling it you need to be fed! My Lord - you are slim!

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Awww.. Thanks guys! I'm feeling like I fouled up the aspect ratio in these pics. I am working on shedding some winter weigh, and Blogger seems to have given me the pre-emptive leg up!.

But I'll take the compliments and pretend to deserve them!

Julie H said...

That so reminds me of Princess Di!

Sara said...

Really, really cute, Betty! And I like the blue ribbon(?) hanging down in the back.

Chard Girl said...

love this dress!! ... and yes, I bought my own iron because I couldn't stand the suspense anymore. loving it... I think it's the same one you're giving away...


kelley Hart said...

I think the piping adds so much to the dress! You look fabulous in it. Not sure how it would look on a shorter, rounder human, such as myself. But a girl can dream. sigh.

Angelina said...

I love this dress on you! I thought the aspect ratio of the pictures was intentional- it looks a little like a wacky retro treatment.

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