Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Playing With Paper Clay

This was easy and fun.
Sacred heart paper clay medallions pressed with handmade woodcuts from Mexico.
These are first drafts... I think I need to make more.

All part and parcel of something fun I'm working on for a Dia De Los Muertos show.
Here is a first draft skeleton figure... He could use some refining!

I had a serious vision for a piece after I made these.
 I need to find a fine plastic piggy.
I'm curious if anyone can guess what it might be?

The piece has nothing to do with the sacred hearts, but one thing will lead to another.
Maybe I'll have time to do more than one piece for the show...
But I don't know.
I have some doctor-y stuff coming up,
Jacob has his wisdom teeth pulled on Friday
and apparently all the animals require vet visits...

Is there ever enough time for everything?
Wouldn't it be great if there was?


Rebecca said...

Nice hearts! The two middle ones are my favorites. I've played with paper clay before. Fun stuff. Interesting to work with, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Time to get some of this stuff!
Seeing what you're doing with it gets the old juice moving, thank you!


Rydermann said...

Those hearts came out really cool!

Paige said...

wow! those are neat! i have never worked with paper clay before! plastic piggy?? hmm...


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Rose@craftymcgee said...

Oh, for time for everything!! I heard someone complaining about being bored the other day - I realized I have no idea what that feels like anymore. Overwhelmed, sure...bored...waah? The skeleton is fabulous!

Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

Sooooooo cool! I love the hearts. I love all things Dia de Los Muertos

Unknown said...

Would love me a skeleton necklace...!

Anonymous said...

ok you should so put those sacred hearts on etsy - they are awesome!

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