Monday, November 08, 2010

Holiday Strategies for Slackers: The Soup Strategy

For the Next Several Weeks I'm going to make a giant pot of Soup on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.
(click on any soup or cookie name and get right to my favorite recipe...)
This week it's Pumpkin Curry...
Next Week, Potato, Kale and Chorizo...
Then White Bean Chili .... ( but use left over Turkey)
Creamy Tomato
etc etc etc.

Make enough to eat twice and freeze one more lunch or dinners worth.
That gives you one night free from Kitchen-y chaos...
You could make a gift...

Or make a batch of cookie dough ahead and freeze it.
Imagine dough, and then a clean kitchen before you start baking.
Just make and ball form the cookie dough, pop into a ziplock bag,
write the baking time and temp on masking tape and tape it to the bag. 

Fresh baked, warm, low mess, holiday cookies as you want them.
You do need to pull out the dough and let it thaw a bit...
Roll them in their sugary outer jackets and viola!

Works great with:
Peanut Butter
Molasses Crinkles
Chocolate Crinkles

Eat Well, and Slack On!


Adrianne in Portland said...

Aw - what a great idea! Potato chorizo kale is something I could get my husband to eat.

I've never tried freezing my own drop cookie batter - just the cooked cookies. What a great idea!


sulu-design said...

Holy moly - pumpkin curry soup?!? I've just made my first two soups of the season and am loving that they've fed me, my husband, and several friends for many days now. The recipe you linked to is next on my list.

Love the snow people. As always.

renee said...

Hey Betty - Great ideas! I always love making a great soup and freezing half for a busy day with no time to cook. The white bean chili recipe looks divine - a perfect use for a bit of leftover turkey! Thanks for the tip :)

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