Tuesday, November 02, 2010

They Are Coming!!

Pressed cotton snowmen WIP for Iron Dog Collectibles

Staggering toward us like so many drunken snow zombies...
Here come the Holidays.
I Am SO Not Ready. I will be shoveling some of my panic driven Holiday Strategies
on the blog just in case there is anyone else out there, aiming for Handmade, and woefully

And don't forget to Vote Today!!!
(I would never presume to say who or what for but, please Vote.)

And if you enjoy Bitter Betty Blogs on a reader feeder or by email, click on through to the other side, 'cause I redecorated ... Just for You! love to hear what you think, and what you think is missing!


Anonymous said...

Love the new mast head and photo. It's true, I'm currently in a loft in Noho in NYC. YOU need a vacation too!
Xxooo chard girl

Anonymous said...

Honey, you DO look tops. What do you say we spend that money you saved with your thrifty stitching on say, November 14th?

Dylana Suarez said...

These are so cute!

Just came across your blog!


jen v said...

LOVE the new banner!!

I am seriously freaked out that it is november 4th tomorrow. i will be coming here looking for the holiday strategies you are promising!!

hope you are well !!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, no! Night of the Living Snow-Dead! Oh, wait...Halloween is over.
Those are really cute! Don't worry, we all get scared at how fast the holidays are approaching, yet we manage to get through them just fine most of the time.

futuregirl said...

Love the redesign!

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