Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Fun A Day Finish Four!

This one was a biggie...

 Show all hung at the gallery. Fantastic landscape photography by Evan Russel.

Gorgeous show. I'm very proud of my part in making it happen,  as a curator in training.
The selection of artist and timing was my choice, and I think I might have got it right.
A new skill set in the making.

Now the reception is Friday night. And I can't wait!


sulu-design said...

Damn! I'm so impressed. Good for you for learning a whole new skill set (or putting together skills that you had in a whole new way). It sounds so exciting. Have a wonderful time at the opening.

jen v said...

congratulations. very exciting! i hope the show is a huge success!

happy new year to you and that polaroid taking boy of yours.

xoxo, jen

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