Monday, January 03, 2011

Second Project on the Second

Okay 14 months in the making and then.....
I am giddy with accomplishment.
If you are keeping track you know that today is actually day 3 
and I finished what I set out to do today as well. 
Pictures will, of course, be shown tomorrow.
I have a plan of accomplishment for tomorrow too.
Can I keep it up for 31 whole days?
Each finish setting off a new blast of momentum until
my inner procrastinator is powerless in the face of the Done-ness.

This is a western shirt from vintage pattern, 
Kokka and Joel Dewberry fabrics from Hart's Fabrics.
And seriously, fabulously, nowhere near my to-do list anymore..

I have a new list:
The Tah Dah Done List.

I'm a little full of it this evening. 
Could you tell?


Kristin L said...

OK, your Doneness is starting to get to me! I have a huge long list that needs some kicking in the butt and i'm getting inspired already! Maybe February will be my geterdone month. BTW, that is one awesome shirt!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Seriously: Yee-Haw! Love your western living shirt. It is mighty awesome.

Meridith said...

I think that one of your things to get done should be walking Pipeline Road! We should be able to do that once in 31 days!
Little Red Riding Hood hasn't looked so good since that cape!

Kanawinkie said...

Ooh, goodness! I love love LOVE that fabric!
Way to go with your Tah Dah-ness!!

Zafran ali said...

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