Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Finishes 21,22,23

( click to enlarge... go on. I dare ya!)

Okay.. So here is my secret. I cloned myself.
That is why I'm able to finish so much more than I did as just
Betty Singular.

Well, I don't know that I'm getting that much more done , 
but this focus on finishing has change the pace 
and structure of my generally unstructured life.

Because it's supposed to be "Fun A Day" 
I do try and have fun with it.
My finishes aren't like building a barn or anything. 
It 's just turning into a fairly long list 
of little things I have been meaning to get to.

# 23 isn't pictured. It was doing all the marketing listings for our next show
and revising all the forms and contracts for the next FashionART trunk show
and getting the email box organized.
Done. A 3-fer. 

That day I didn't have any oomph left over for anything crafty,
so I counted what I did accomplish.
I think that is important when you are facing a challenge like this.
Most of us could stand to give ourselves a bit more credit
for what we do get done (like- all the time.)

So on Betties Right and Left, in the top photo,
are two more Utili-Obis that I have known
I wanted to make for awhile.
 So on top of my finishing Wins:
Stash Sewing Bonus points!!!

If this wasn't Fun A Day I might not have even posted this
because I'd be busy knocking myself around 
for not being able to post them on Etsy, 
because I didn't take close ups too.
But that's not fun. So here we are. Keeping it fun,
and, hopefully, tomorrow my finish will be 
all the new stuff is available in the Etsy Shop.

for a super fun photo safari 
and a great day.
(That's her lamb.)


Shelley Noble said...


Ooo, so great! Those shots!

Anonymous said...

Very nice and sweet little lamb!

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