Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tutorial: Make Your Own Spring -Paper Daffodils


Hi! Well, I had a request about my paper narcissus...
from vivacious Jamie over at Curly Girl Press.

She wanted a tutorial so she could make a whole bunch. Fake-y Forced Bulbs by the Fistful.
High Whimsy, I do declare!

I actually learned how to make them at a class Castle In The Air
on my birthday. If you have the opportunity, I think you should get
on over there and take that class. It was a gorgeous experience.
I personally drove an hour and a half each way, and would do it again in a minute!

I did find a great vintage Japanese book after the class, that has the instructions.
Fancy Paper Flowers by Kiyo Sekiye.
( Yes, The Japanese folks have been making awesome craft books- practically forever.)
I have scanned them for you.
Click on each image to enlarge.

As you might recall my Narcissus had a bulb on it.
That was made by adding a watte cotton "pear" wrapped in brown crepe paper to the bottom of my flower. Since then I have added cotton string roots as well, you know... to make it "right". And the whole flower is on the small side to match the scale of the bulb.

Here is the thing:
Castle In The Air is the only place I have found that stocks the "good" crepe paper. And if you live anywhere in Northern California, or are coming this way, you are cheating yourself if you don't go there to take the class and do a little shopping to boot. You will learn so much more than just this one little flower, and you'll get a stack of supplies that's enough to make you drool!

But just on case you can't get to California,
order online:
deep olive doublette
yellow doublette
and gold doublette
and for the bulb, brown florist crepe.
(and since you are paying shipping anyway,
get some paper mache eggs and dresden trim to go with!
May as well....)

( you all do know that the "red" words are links, right? Take you right where you need to go!)

I found the wires and floral tape at my local regular craft store.

Sparingly use tacky glue or hot glue if needed, too much or another type of glue could cause colors to bleed.
.. and I use pattern tissue scraps for my bud cases.

That should put some spring in your step!

(Even if it is suppose to snow down to sea level here on Friday!
Hello, Isn't this supposed to be California?
Still, that's exciting for us, as long as you can stay off the roads.)


Anonymous said...

Oh JOY! Oh RAPTURE! You've totally made my day. I have to get some cheap crepe paper to get my fix this weekend, and order from Castle in the Air later. This is awesome, thank you so much! (doing the happy "makin' my own Spring, thank you very much!" dance)

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [24 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Dot said...

these are absolutely fab. will be linking on :)

Unknown said...

Wonderful!! I actually have some vintage paper irises that belonged to my grandmother and are made in a very similar fashion. It'll be so much fun to make my own. Thanks for sharing!! (I got here from dabbled.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, please oh pleae give us more

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