Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Search for Inspirado.

A girl can't wallow in puppy self- pity forever.
Our rescue dog project is still on.. but, on hold for a bit. I think it might be a bigger or younger dog we are looking for and that will take some prep time.

So.. Needing immediate relief from wallowing, I snuggled Michelle's baby, Carlo. Then I took the blog advise of Alice and replaced my sad old sewing machine with one just like hers. It is amazing the difference in the new machine. It is quieter. faster. much more fool proof... and because I am largely self-taught, I am quite the fool to test this on.

But what to sew?

I made replacement pillow cases for my bedroom. Recycled sweater and prequilted satin...

I made pink swaddling blankets for my newest niece and a butterfly garland for her sister's window.

And I got some cool books with ideas for good sewing projects..

and I pulled out an old thrifted "poodle kit". ( Burilla circa 1950-60's)
And I made some friends..

The poodle's pre-printed fabrics were basically dissolving with age, so I used them as a pattern to cut new pieces from felt and the scraps of my previous kitchen curtains. It is a very weird dog, but kind of kitschy, so I guess that makes it okay.

The demon-like fellow is based on the instructions from the stuffed animal book I got.
I recognized the name Amy Proff Lyons from her APLcreations blog and flickr. Her design is called Batty Cat Bubbles. It was a fun fast-craft project. Very satifying. Mine is named Elvis. The poodle is named David, after Audrey Hepburn's poodle in Sabrina.

I made plans to get out in the fresh air...

because it was pretty , even if it was cold.

I went with my friend Lindy, to a place in Hayward, that has amazing upholstery fabrics.

and, then we went to Berkeley.

We went to Lacis and I was astounded at all they have there. Jules Kliot even came in early and gave a us a tour of their special "white work" exhibit. It was very humbling. It made me ashamed to call myself a crafter. I would Never Ever have finshed. I am on year 5 of a needlepoint project. I declare: If it can't be finished in a couple of weeks I will Totally Give Up. Hmm.. craft wimp? Instant craft gratification junkie? Guilty, as charged.

We had a delicious lunch at an Indian buffet and then off to Juniper Tree , Kiss My Ring, and, my perennial favorite: Tail of The Yak. I wish I had endless purchases to share but inspirado is free and I only got the " Plush-o- rama" Book and some party decorations for the "Year of The Pig" party.

I guess I am getting my feet back under me. Thank you, Inspirado.

Oh.. and "6 Weird Things"? That is coming.


futuregirl said...

Don't you just love the sewing machine?! I giggle like a school girl every time I use it. It stops the needle in the up position! That alone is worth the money I spent. And the turtle/rabbit slider is too cute for words.

Your day about town sounds soooo awesome. The demon cat and dog are great. I would totally believe the dog is vintage.

Angelina said...

I am SO envious of your trip to Lacis which is simply one of the seven wonders of the creative world. I thought it was in Berkeley though?

I'm glad you're getting back on your feet. It's so good to find a new post here on your blog. You know I check it every single day!

ruby-crowned kinglette said...

look how fancy you are to sew on a table with a table cloth. i know it could be construed as protection for the table top, but i like thinking that it is because you are fancy. your crafty adventures around town sound so nice, i need to do that kind of thing more often, not just run in a place, but to plan a day trip to get inspired...

Anonymous said...

ahh how odd,
to be reading someone's blog and poof you find they're in the area!
How funny. If you're ever in a knitting fever and need to sit outside on a public block in a pretty pub and drink beer while stitching, come down to the B st Bistro on any thursday evening. There's a whole gaggle of us ladies, "the Bonnie Beer Bitches"
Christa Z. of the B st Bistro Bonnie Beer Bitches. Haywierd, CA

Blaize said...

If cuddling Carlo were not inspiration enough (perish the thought!), it sounds like it got you out of wallowing and into the, um, wallowing in inspiration that followed. I hope you will not take it wrong if, extending and morphing the "wallowing" metaphor, I say that you sound like a pig in clover now. Excellent work!

Anonymous said...

HEY! It's Lindy -- I too had a wonderful adventure. When you literally need a MICROSCOPE to see the knots in needlework it's just TOO small! Lacis is incredible - am going back today for more ribbon - the flowers I made turned out great...
To clarify, the fabric place in Hayward is called Boca Bargoons and is on Heseperian near Chabot College.
Also, I had no idea "my people" were meeting at the Bistro and crafting! -- will have to drop by and visit soon... Darn! we met on a Thursday too we would have stopped by for a beer!
My adventure continued in Sacramento over the weekend - I found the most amazing store called JR Flamingo's - I don't sew much, but do stamp and these ladies are stamping and painting on fabric along with quilting and making wearable art - the fabrics and inspiration were amazing...

Anonymous said...

OOPS that's Hesperian

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

We definitely need to hook up with the Bonnie Beer Bitches... Thanks for the invite, Christa.

Can't make it this week ( solo parenting adventure) but will see what I can get up to next week..

Anonymous said...

Hello again,
by all means please feel free to stop in, just note we generally meet @ 7ish down there, and will be inside, or out depending on weather. Who am I kidding though, it's the Bay Area...
Cheers til then
Christa Z.

wendy harbaugh said...

one day I want to go to lacis I buy a ton of stuff from them on line. But their store must just be great to see with all the vintage and antique items.
take care

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