Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's Shakin' at Chez Betty (with tiny tutorial for Tuesday)

( Make an Orchid Under Glass yourself! Directions at Bottom of Page!)

Hey, Bloglandeers! Craftopians! and Various Passers-by!

Well, I spent the weekend in Tahoe in weather so frozen and dramatic we actually had to wait overnight to get off the mountain. Wore myself out skiing and am desperately considering doing actual exercise in order to be able to keep up with my fellas on the slopes. What is the world coming too? Next I will be claiming to need an endorphin rush. Okay, that remains unlikely.

( white roads, white outs and white knuckles)

More snow pics here.

Been crafting in the rain and thrifting vigorously. Having a lot of fun with the vintage books. I found a couple that are over 100 years old and one of them was inscribed with a wood burner. I also got a great hat for Jacob, linens and some great old costume jewelry.

I kept myself busy making altered books a la Home Companion (October 2007 issue.)
A satisfying and meditative craft to be sure.

I am finished with a couple of New Vintage garments but hard to get the photo shoots scheduled with this inclement weather.

The "orchid under glass" is the tiny tutorial for this Tuesday:

Whether in a garden cloche, bell jar, or just a really big jar, orchids love a terrarium style environment and don't really require a pot. They just hate it when their roots stay soggy so follow the watering directions for real success.
  • Pile the bark medium that comes in the plastic pot with the orchid on the plate for a dome or in the center of the bottom of your jar and arrange the orchid roots so that they are supported underneath.
  • Then used the small stones to "prop up" the orchid placing them so the orchid naturally stands upright. Just try it.. It is easy. (You may need to remove or replace any attached supports tied to the flower stem. when reattaching I like copper wire and moss to secure it... or short raffia.)
  • Mist with a few squirts from a spray bottle
  • cover.

After it is finished, just spray the stones and bark medium daily or every other day with a regular spray bottle. Orchids like bright, indirect light and temps between 55 and 80 both of which are pretty easy to find in most homes. The jar will protect it from drafts (which they hate) so you should have a bloom for up to a month.

I am still planning on putting the lace necklaces and some vintage goodies up on Etsy at 11:00 AM PST tomorrow... Hope you can come check it out.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, that snow. So beautiful. And the orchid, is perfect. I might just do that if I can find the necessary items out here on the Coast.

And I'm been stalking your site to see if you've updated your etsy. I'll be sure to check it out tomorrow. :D

Mary-Laure said...

The terrarium is a fabulous idea. My mum is an orchid lover (read: fanatic), I'll forward her your post at once...

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Glad you got home safe and sound..and I understand about the exercise.. 3 hours of dancing at my 40th birthday have left me so sore!!.. must get in shape!

And now A thrifty question.. How do you know when it's enough? While no were near a minimalist I am trying to find some balance in what I find and bring home.. where do you keep all of your thrifty goodness? and do you ever worry that you have too much? or that it will take over your home? I am really trying to shape up this place and worry that no matter how cute I do not need yet another vintage creamer/milk glass vase/whatever... but it's so hard!..I love the stuff!

Maddie, contemplative while stuck sick in bed.

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

You definitely have a point. I am really at the point where I make myself think hard about purchases, eliminate unused stuff (some going up on Etsy today as a matter of fact)...

You may notice that there are no cute dishes or figurines in the pile. They were in my basket and put back at the final bell for just that reason. I am keeping my "treasure hunting" only in categories where it meets the Morris Code
"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."
- William Morris

But I aim for useful and beautiful at the same time these days.

xoxo, bb

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Looks like the thrifting gods have been smiling on you! hehe! ;) Great finds!!

Thanks for the tutorial on the orchid. I've lately been wanting to try having a live plant to take care of, but I tend to accidentally kill things. :p I'm going to give this a try, I think. ;)

Tracey said...

I'm jealous! Yesterday was my 14th anniversary and on this day in 1994 Tahoe did not look like that. We were so disappointed at the lack of snow. :/ We've always sworn we'll go back some day, should have been this year apparently!

Sonya said...

Shushing on the slopes. Skiing does wipe one out. Muscles I never thought I had. And of thrifting things, I need to tell you about the Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale coming up

laura capello said...

lo-o-o-ove the orchid.

and yikes, i'd be white knuckling that road too.

pussman and co said...

Oh, I love the folded pages in the book?
I need something to destress a bit and doing this would really satisfie my mind.
Where can I find a tutorial???

I love your blog, it is an original one!

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